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Fungal Forms

Observation The appearance of white puffy clumps may indicate the presence of yeast or fungus in the body. Many microscopists have called the white round puffy forms as seen in the pictures above YEAST. While yeast may not be present in the blood, researchers have conducted antibody studies in blood with these forms present and the anti-body tests have definitively read positive for CANDIDA ALBICANS/YEAST. Based on research these forms found in the blood could indicate that yeast or fungal…


Probiotic by Divine Nature

Overview Most people do not have enough probiotics in their digestive system to properly control the harmful bacteria in the body, and this leaves them susceptible to excess gas, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, colitis, diabetes, meningitis, rheumatoid arthritis of the spine, lactose intolerance, serum cholesterol, herpes simplex of the mouth, acne, urinary tract infections, yeast, candida and many other problems. Diets and lifestyles high in fats and sugars, carbonated drinks, alcohol, emotional or physical stress, anti-acids, or “the worst,” ANTI-BIOTICS, will…


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