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Healthy Food Choices for Vitamins & Minerals by Divine Nature

It is never too late to start eating healthy foods that help your body fight serious disease. Eating natural foods helps your body fight against all types of chronic diseases. In fact, healthy food will help your body defeat ailments you already suffer from. Even more important, eating correctly may be the determining factor in when or even if you develp a disorder that reduces your quality of life. Beta-Carotene: Carrots, sweet potatoes, Apricots, Spinach, Asparagus, All-Bran cereal, Cantaloupe, Winter…




Red Meat- Diabetes- Fruits & Vegetables

A recent article from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discusses the findings in a study about the link between diabetes and eating red meats. One group ate 3.5oz servings of non-processed red meats a day. Another group ate only half that amount of processed meat. Perhaps surprisingly, the group eating non-processed red meet were more likely to develop type 2 diabetes(T2D) by nearly 20%, while the group eating half the amount of processed red meat were at a 51%…




Good Fats, Bad Fats & Flaxseed Oil Benefits

  In recent years, fat has been looked at as an enemy to be eliminated at all cost. Unfortunately, the cost has not been understood by most of us. The goal seems to become “Fat-Free” instead of “Fat-Wise”. One of our goals at Divine Nature is to turn this thinking around through educating you on the difference between “good” and “bad” fats.   So, what are the “good” fats? There are two fatty acids, LA and LNA that our bodies…




Reasons to Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

By now, you’ve more than likely seen one of the ads put out by the Corn Refiners Association. The ads tell the story of a “natural” sweetener made from corn. They go on to insinuate that high fructose corn syrup has been unfairly portrayed and that this truly American ingredient is fine in moderation. The campaign claims that high fructose corn syrup has the “same natural sweeteners as table sugar and honey.” Since then, the association has released a number…




True PH by Divine Nature

Sodium Chlorite, a chlorine dioxide precursor, has been utilized widely as a bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal agent.  In a summary report conducted at the Stanford University School of Medicine, chlorine dioxide has been shown to be effective against all the viruses tested.  A research study by S. Raratah, PhD, found chlorine dioxide effective against human rotavirus, which has been shown to be the chief causative agent of the worldwide problem of diarrhea. True PH, NaClO2, is a safe, stable, inorganic…




Total Nutrition by Divine Nature

Total Nutrition is truly a meal replacement.  We have been educated for years that we must eat a certain way and supplement a certain way.  We have been told that we should not skip meals and that it would be hard to get all our body needs “nutritionally” in a powdered drink.  Divine Nature has come a long way in formulating the most nutrient dense, whole food powder supplement available. Total Nutrition contains a full spectrum of vitamins and amino…





Did you know that a pinched nerve in the lower spine could cause difficulties in becoming pregnant?  Did you know that this same pinched nerve could cause painful menstrual cramps?  Did you know that many medications prescribed for infertility or menstrual cramping are dangerous?   If you know of someone who is having difficulty in becoming pregnant or is taking medication due to menstrual cramps, have them come to the office to check for a pinched nerve. You could help…




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