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Fats by Divine Nature

  Degenerative diseases that involve fats prematurely kill over two-thirds of the people currently living in affluent, industrialized nations. Sixty-eight percent of people die from just three conditions that involve fatty degeneration; cardiovascular disease (43.8%), cancer (22.4%), and diabetes (1.8%). These deaths are the result of eating habits on ignorance and misconceptions.   Our understanding of coronary artery disease risk and the atherosclerotic process has changed greatly in recent years. For example, it is now known that angiographically apparent coronary…




28-Day Heart Disease Prevention Plan

Preventing heart disease can be a matter of making the right choices for your heart and overall health. Learn how you can develop heart-smart habits in just a matter of weeks with Dr. Oz’s prevention plan. While generally thought of as a man’s disease, more women die every year of heart disease than men. The best protection against heart disease is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Poor diet, lack of exercise and years of bad lifestyle…




MFB Maintain-Fortify-Build by Divine Nature

Product Description Details Maintain  proper pH balance, support the digestive tract and the immune system, enhance intestinal absorption of nutrients, maintain muscle strength and definition, improve athletic performance, delay muscle fatigue. Fortify cellular growth after cancer treatments, surgery, and/or trauma to the body.  MFB contains all of the necessary ingredients, amino acid chelated form of creatine, stabilized magnesium glycyl glutamine, isoleucine, valine, leucine and Divine Nature’s Enzyme Blend Delivery System to ensure cellular absorption. Build lean muscle mass, aid weight…




Nature’s B by Divine Nature

Product Description Details    Nature’s Whole B is simply the highest form of B Vitamins you can find.  It has been taught for years as the way to have healthy skin and hair.  The benefits hardly stop there.  B vitamins are very important for nerve function and are proven to help reduce the effects of stress and aging.  In this product you have eight water-soluble vitamins that are needed to convert fat, carbohydrates and protein to energy.  B vitamins are…




Liver/ Kidney by Divine Nature

Product Description Details     At Divine Nature we teach, “When all else fails, treat the liver.”  The liver and kidneys are the body’s filtration system, just like your oil filter in your car, the filter in your home’s air conditioner or the lint filter in your clothes dryer.  They all need to be cleaned on a regular basis.  We all clean these on a regular basis yet how often have you thought about the most important filters in life itself,…




5 Foods to Prevent Your Arteries from Clogging

You can add years to your life by keeping your heart healthy. Caring for your ticker can be as easy as knowing what to eat! Discover 5 powerful foods that serve as weapons to fight clogged arteries. Like any plumbing system, your arteries can get clogged up. When you have high blood pressure, inflammation causes cholesterol to stick to the walls of your blood vessels, forming a plaque. The following foods are powerful enough to prevent this dangerous clogging. Kiwi…




Animal Products

Choose one meal each day that you completely rid your plate of animal products – including eggs and dairy. Meat is a very concentrated source of calories and fat — so cutting out animal products for just one meal per day can help reduce your fat intake




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