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Ice It or Heat It?

By Michael Neely, DO The summer Olympics are in full swing and the world’s top athletes are competing for the gold. Most of these athletes have been training from a very young age, constantly challenging their bodies to achieve new levels of athleticism. The constant stress of training and competing placed on the body typically manifests itself in the form of soreness, swelling, and sometimes injury. Regardless of your level of athleticism, if you have ever worked out, run, or…




The Truth About Energy Drinks

By Keri Peterson, MD Internal Medicine, New York, NY Women’s Health Magazine   Energy drinks are one of the fastest growing drinks in America. They promise to make you more alert, focused and invigorated. Energy drinks do achieve their goal – they can reduce sleepiness and make you feel more alert. But it may be at a cost to your health. They can cause significant side effects and there are insufficient studies to show that they are safe. Here is…





As many as 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder and it’s one of the most common complaints received in the medical community. If you’ve been tossing and turning, take back control with this challenge. Discover how to regulate your sleep cycle to ensure you’re getting quality rest. Now’s the time to identify your biggest lifestyle choices that could be affecting how you sleep. Are you a smoker? If so, then this is just another reason why it’s time…




7 Deadly Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

You know your body best. Learning to listen to your body when it’s trying to send you a message that something is wrong is critical to your health. Symptoms can come and go, some without major consequence. But there are symptoms you should never ignore. Learn what you should do if any of them become present in your life, especially Dr. Oz’s #1 deadly symptom you should never ignore.   Deadly Symptom: Sudden and Increasing Pain in the Upper Right…




Digestive Enzymes Supplement Questions

Enzymes are proteins that increase the rates of chemical reactions. In enzymatic reactions, the molecules at the beginning of the process are called substrates, and the enzyme converts them into different molecules, called the products. 1. What is an enzyme? Enzymes are energized protein molecules, biological units of work. They have been called the life force because they catalyze and regulate nearly all biochemical reactions within the human body, including energy production, metabolism, respiration, nerve function, reproduction, immunity, and digestion….




Veggie Burger

Next time you’re craving fast food, try ordering a veggie burger. It is a tasty vegetable patty with all the burger trimmings, loaded with vegetables, whole grains, and typically run at about 320 calories! Some fast food chains don’t advertise their veggie burger, but it will be there, so just make sure you go in and ask for it!




Adrenal Support by Divine Nature

Quick Overview Adrenal Support is an exclusive blend of nutrients and herbs formulated to support adrenal function, especially in times of emotional or physical stress. Recommended Use As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule three (3) times daily with meals. Product Description Details When the body is over stressed, ether physically or emotionally, there is an increased demand placed on the adrenal gland to produce the adrenaline hormone. In addition to stress, dietary habits including the over use of coffee,…




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