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Mood Swings

To keep mood swings from taking over your life, try using holy basil to keep you calm. It is an all natural supplement that is really effective in treating anxiety, and can be found in capsules at most vitamin stores.




Lower LDL’s

Lowering your highLDLcholesterol does not have to be a daunting task. Add 3 grams of a glucomannan supplement to your daily diet to help bring down your numbers over 20%.




Hardboiled Egg

Eat a hardboiled egg with tea in the morning to start your day off with a boost of energy. The protein from the egg will keep you from feeling sluggish, and the tea will give you the same jolt of caffeine as coffee – but without the crash.




Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Diet

The first step of Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Diet is to give your kitchen a makeover. It’s time to create a nutritional haven filled with good-for-your-waist foods that make it easy to eat right. You’ll purge your refrigerator and cabinets of any foods that break Dr. Oz’s Rule of 5. Then you’ll stock up on healthy essentials. Dump the Fridge Read the labels of everything in your kitchen. If something has any of the following as 1 of the first 5…





If you’re looking for a way to stop the carbs you’re eating from turning into fat, try this small diet change: Eat most of your carbs early in the day and reduce them as the day goes on. Try to end your day with more protein. This will better your chance of burning off carbs during your day so they don’t transform into fat.




3 Quick Tips

To supercharge your mood, eat kimchi. This fermented food will help your body produce more of the feel-good hormone serotonin. So try to work 5 tablespoons into your daily diet. Taking just 8 mg a day of a zinc supplement can help prevent breast cancer. Make it a part of your daily routine! The best way to get vitamin D into your system is through exposure to sunlight. Make sure to go outside for at least 10 minutes a day….




What Women Need to Know About Heart Attacks

Learn about the not-so-common symptoms that should never be ignored. When people think about a heart attack, they usually imagine the victim grabbing at their chest and collapsing to the ground. While this dramatic version of a heart attack can happen, symptoms are usually less obvious, particularly for women. Sure, women feel the pressure in their chests that men do, but many experience vague symptoms that are not immediately attributed to a heart attack. While generally construed as a man’s…




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