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Nature’s B by Divine Nature

Product Description Details    Nature’s Whole B is simply the highest form of B Vitamins you can find.  It has been taught for years as the way to have healthy skin and hair.  The benefits hardly stop there.  B vitamins are very important for nerve function and are proven to help reduce the effects of stress and aging.  In this product you have eight water-soluble vitamins that are needed to convert fat, carbohydrates and protein to energy.  B vitamins are…




Liver/ Kidney by Divine Nature

Product Description Details     At Divine Nature we teach, “When all else fails, treat the liver.”  The liver and kidneys are the body’s filtration system, just like your oil filter in your car, the filter in your home’s air conditioner or the lint filter in your clothes dryer.  They all need to be cleaned on a regular basis.  We all clean these on a regular basis yet how often have you thought about the most important filters in life itself,…




5 Foods to Prevent Your Arteries from Clogging

You can add years to your life by keeping your heart healthy. Caring for your ticker can be as easy as knowing what to eat! Discover 5 powerful foods that serve as weapons to fight clogged arteries. Like any plumbing system, your arteries can get clogged up. When you have high blood pressure, inflammation causes cholesterol to stick to the walls of your blood vessels, forming a plaque. The following foods are powerful enough to prevent this dangerous clogging. Kiwi…




Animal Products

Choose one meal each day that you completely rid your plate of animal products – including eggs and dairy. Meat is a very concentrated source of calories and fat — so cutting out animal products for just one meal per day can help reduce your fat intake




Dr. Andrew Weil’s 5 Holistic Health Secrets

The alternative health icon Dr. Andrew Weil shares his 5 holistic secrets for boosting energy, strengthening immunity, warding off cancer, fighting heart disease and beating depression. He also shares his #1 cancer-fighting super meal. Dr. Andrew Weil is credited with igniting America’s alternative health movement. He has spent a lifetime uncovering unique remedies and solutions not necessarily found in your pharmacy, your medicine cabinet, or even your doctor’s office. People ask him all the time what they can do to…




Iron by Divine Nature

Product Description Details    Nature’s Iron provides patented chelated iron along with other forms of organic iron and the Divine Nature’s Blended Delivery System to ensure complete absorption.  In order for a mineral to be absorbed by the body it must be chelated with an amino acid.  In other words, the mineral chelates(the Greek word for “claw”), or binds to the amino acid, and is taken through the gut wall.  Nature’s Iron, amino acid chelated iron (FerrochelTM),  provides 400% greater…




Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Water


• Muscles consist of 75% water • The brain consists of 90% water • Blood consists of 83% water • Bone consists of 22% water That is why it is of no surprise that we need water, not only to live but to function normally at our daily activities. Water lubricates and protects our joints, regulates our body temperature, transports nutrients and oxygen to our cells, protects our vital organs such as the heart and lungs, and aids in digestion…




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