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Did you know that a 1999 study of over 1,000 infants showed that an Atlas blockage termed “Subluxation” could lead to at least two impairments? 1.  Center nervous system dysfunction that will delay speech and the ability to walk; and 2.  Low resistance to ear, nose, and throat infections.   If you have family, friends, or loved ones with low resistance or a delay in speech or the ability to walk, ask for an invitation to have their Atlas checked….





Did you know that a pinched nerve in the lower portion of the brain stem can lead to depression?  Did you know that using drugs such as Prozac and other anti-depressants will actually cause greater complications of depression in the future?  Did you know that by correcting the interference of the base of the brainstem through upper cervical adjustments, you can help with depression without the use of harmful drugs?   If you know of someone fighting depression, ask them…





In 1999,  a research project concluded which followed over 100 families for 18 years. This included over 4,900 cases. In over 90% of the cases, when noticeable, restricted motion of the neck appeared, ear infections were reported.  When restricted motion was restored, subluxations corrected, patients recovered without complications.   If your kids have not been checked for subluxations, don’t wait until they are sick.  We don’t do it with our teeth or even our cars. For more information visit…





Did you know that our office specializes in maintaining the health of your entire family?  Can you think of any reason whatsoever why your entire family doesn’t deserve to be healthy?   If any member of your immediate family are not experiencing the benefits of spinal health  in our office, schedule them and we will be more than happy to evaluate the health of their spine. For more information visit





Did you know that long hours on a computer could cause Forward Head Syndrome (“FHS”)?  Did you know that without consistent Chiropractic realignments,FHSwould lead to premature arthritis and a humping posture between the shoulder blades?   If you know of someone who works long hours on the computer and they want to preventFHS, talk to them about Chiropractic Wellness, ask for an invitation – it could save their spine. For more information visit





Did you know that routine Chiropractic Adjustments help to improve how quickly and efficiently the body heals? Did you know that if one suffers a fracture, and is being adjusted, the ability of the body to heal is optimized?   If you know of someone who has recently had a fracture, or is having a problem healing from an old fracture, ask for an invitation to have their spine checked. You could help to greatly improve their life. For more…




Study Shows Frequent Massage Sessions Boost Biological Benefits


(Medical Xpress) — Massage is purported to have an array of benefits, including alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety, back pain, asthma, fatigue, and even HIV. A new study shows there are sustained, cumulative beneficial effects of repeated massage therapy. The effects persist for several days to a week, and differ depending on the frequency of sessions. Results of the study were reported on line in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Read more at: Study researchers, led by…




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