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Did you know that the third largest killer in theUnited   Statesis due to a patient’s reaction to a prescribed medication?  Did you know that through spinal correction, many patients in our office no longer require many of their medications?   If you know of someone who is taking daily medication and they would like to possibly clean their body from harmful medications, have them come in for a spinal evaluation. This could save their lives. For more information visit…





Did you know that reoccurring cysts of the ovaries is caused by a miscommunication from the brain? Did you know that a pinched nerve in the spine could cause this miscommunication? Did you know that we have seen many cases there corrected pinched nerves have reduced, even prevent the reoccurring cysts?   If you know of someone who is suffering from cysts have them come in and have their spine checked for a pinched nerve. You could save their life….





Did you know that poor posture, such as forward slouching, is caused by too little of a neck curve?  Did you know that consistent spinal alignments called adjustments enable one to get back their necessary spinal curve?  Did you know that even the elderly could be helped through spinal alignments?   If you know of someone who has poor posture, tell them how consistent spinal alignments can help them look young again! Ask for an invitation to be evaluated. For…





Did you know that during the course of a lifetime, most people lose between 2-4 inches in their height?  Did  you know that this shrinking occurs due to compression of the discs as a result of a degenerating posture?  Did you know that Chiropractic Maintenance Care will help prevent a degenerating posture and ultimately prevent as well as help restore height loss.   If your family, friends, or loved ones have already begun to lose height or want to prevent…





Did you know that a pinched nerve in the mid-back will make you more susceptible to Gall Stones?  Did you know that by correcting the pinched nerve in the mid-back, our body will then have the ability to heal the Gall Bladder and prevent infections and stones?   If you know of someone who is suffering from Gall Stones, ask for an invitation or invite them for a spinal check-up. For more information visit





Did you know that the neck causes about 80% of all recorded headaches?  Did you know that a pinched nerve in the neck tightens the neck muscles and causes the pressure that leads to headaches?   There is no such thing as a “normal” headache.  If you know of someone suffering from reoccurring headaches, ask for an invitation. You could change their lives. For more information visit





Did you know that vaccinations are not mandatory?  Did you know that you have the right to refuse to vaccinate your child because of the high risk of irreversible damage the vaccinations can cause?   If you have any questions concerning vaccinations and their risk, please contact: The National Vaccine Information Center, or call them at (703) 938-3783.   If you choose to vaccinate, please make sure your child is adjusted. This is the best way to prevent a…




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