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Did you know that the Sciatic nerve, which causes low back and leg pain, could be pinched in three areas of the body?  Did you know that our office is highly successful in finding the correct location of where that nerve is being pinched?  For this reason, we are able to help many people who have tried other Doctors for Sciatic problems and were not successful.   If you know of someone with a chronic Sciatic problem, have them come…





Did you know that pinched nerves leading to female sexual organs can cause conditions such as irregular painful cycles, hot flashes or even ovarian cysts?  Did you know that Estrogen is usually prescribed for these conditions?  Did you know that Estrogen causes ovarian cancer?   If you know anyone who is on Estrogen they need to come and have their spines checked for pinched nerves.  The correction of these pinched nerves can do away with the need for Estrogen and…





Did you know that when a person has a cough, it is actually normal part of their immune response?  Did you know that this is a way in which the body helps to prevent bronchitis and pneumonia?  Did you know that by taking cough suppressants you actually destroy part of your natural immune response and increase the risk of developing more serious lung illnesses?   If you know someone who is constantly taking cough medicine, have them come in and…





Did you know that a child with a misaligned vertebra at the top of their spine will have a higher likelihood to develop learning disabilities, such as ADHD? Did you know that by correcting the misaligned vertebra, the child could develop a higher level of clarity and help to optimize their ability to learn?   If you know of a child with a learning disability or attention difficulties, ask for an invitation – You could help to reshape their lives….





Did you know that in 1986, The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was established for compensation to families of children who suffered adverse effects of vaccinations?  Did you know that over $871,800,000 has been paid out since this act was established?  Did you know that a pinched nerve in a baby’s spine increases the risk of having an adverse effect of a vaccination?   If you know of someone who is considering vaccinating their child, tell them about the possible…




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