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Did you know that a problem with your immune system known as Rheumatoid Arthritis can often be caused by a pinched nerve at the first vertebra of the spine?   Did you know that by correcting a pinched nerve at vertebra number one, many of our patients have noticed tremendous improvements in symptoms associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis?   If you know of someone who is suffering from the immune disorder known as Rheumatoid Arthritis, as for an invitation. You could…





Did you know that blocked nerve flow from a pinched nerve in the neck can lead to elbow tendonitis?  Did you know that by correcting that pinched nerve through Chiropractic Care, our body will attempt to heal the tendonitis faster?  Unfortunately, the same pinched nerve that leads to elbow problems also controls the heart.  This person could be on the verge of having a heart condition without ever even knowing the problem is there.   If you know of someone…





Did you know that a pinched nerve in the lower neck would make you more susceptible to develop arthritis in the hands?  Did you know that if you have arthritis in you hands, correcting pinched nerves in the lower neck could help you?   If you know of anyone who is suffering from arthritis in the hands and they have not had their neck checked for pinched nerves, ask for an invitation. You could improve their lives dramatically. For more…





Did you know that chronic ankle sprains are due to uneven hips?  When your hips become misaligned due to stress there is unequal pressure on the ankles and they are susceptible to sprains.   If you know of someone who is susceptible to chronic sprains, have them come into the office to have their hips checked. You could help improve the quality of their lives dramatically. For more information visit




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