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Did you know that doctors usually care for heel pain known as heel spur through Cortisone shots?  Did  you know that while this shot may temporarily deaden the pain, it actually causes the spur to grow even faster?  Did you know that misaligned hips are usually the cause of these spurs?  Did you know that through realigning the hips you could actually help with the pain and help to heal the spur?   If you know of someone that suffers…





Did you know that a pinched nerve at the top of the spine can lead to delayed speech in children?  Did you know that by correcting this pinched nerve, usually children begin to speak faster?   If you know of someone who has children who have not begun to communicate and are concerned, ask for an invitation to have the top of their spine checked. You could help change their lives. For more information visit





Did you know that pain medication blocks the brain’s knowledge that there is an injury?  Did you know that without knowledge that there is an injury, the healing process works slower than is possible?  Did you know that a pinched nerve called Subluxation would also slow the healing process?   If you know of someone that is suffering from pain and is using pain pills, explain the process of healing and bring them in to be checked for pinched nerves. …





Did you know that irregular wearing due to one having uneven hips usually causes knee arthritis?  Did you know that Chiropractic adjustments could help to even your hips?  Did you know that by evening your hips the knee arthritis stops getting worse and can even reverse?   If you know of someone who is suffering from knee arthritis, bring them in to have their hips checked. This could keep them active for years to come. For more information visit





Did you know that according to a study published onAug. 2, 2004in the peer reviewed “Journal of Vertebral Subluxation” article, research now shows great improvements for Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis patients under Chiropractic Care?   If you know of someone who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis and would like to improve the quality of their life, ask for an invitation. You could truly change one’s life. For more information visit





Did you know that kids who experience chronic ear infections are prone to develop allergies, as they grow older?  Did you know that ear infections and allergies occur as a result of weakness in the child’s immune system?  Did you know that a pinched nerve in the child’s spine could cause this weakness in the immune system?   If you know of a child that is suffering from allergies or repeat ear infections, make sure they have their spines checked…





Did you know that onMay 28, 2003, the American Medical Association concluded a research study with a significant finding?  They found that female hormones such as Estrogen increase one’s susceptibility to stroke, mental disturbances, breast cancer, and coronary difficulties. Did you know that be correcting Atlas alignment would give you the same results as female hormones without the deadly side effects?   If you know of someone taking hormones have them come in to be checked for a pinched nerve….




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