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Flu Shot- Should I get it?

flu shot

This year’s flu season arrived earlier and stronger compared to previous years. Thus far, 24 states and New York City are reporting high levels of flu infections. The State of New York and the City of Boston have already declared public health emergencies because of the high number of hospitalizations and deaths from the flu and its complications. Surprisingly, those who have already gotten the flu shot are also getting the flu. A recent CDC report revealed that this year’s…


Chiropractic and Stretching


It is important to stretch before and after your workout. If you hold your stretches for at least 10 seconds it triggers a responce to dilate blood vessels to that muscle thus “warming it up” the more blood flow – the warmer and more flexibile the muscle is and the less strain you will put on it during exercise. You need to stretch after exercise to lengthen the muscles. You arent actually lengthening the muscle fibers you are lengthening the…




Did you know that Dizziness (termed “Vertigo”) is often caused by a pinched nerve at the top of the spine?  Did you know that by correcting the pinched nerve, usually one can experience instant results?   If you know of someone who is currently suffering from devastation of chronic dizziness, ask for an invitation to have his or her spine checked.  This could change their lives. For more information visit  






Did you know that according to Dr. Becker, M.D., Vertigo (known as dizziness), can be  caused by blockage of the Atlanto-Axial joint.  This joint is the space between the first and second bone. Chiropractic adjustments can help unblock this space and help the body heal.   If you have family, friends, or loved ones suffering from Vertigo, ask for an invitation to have their upper spine checked.  You could help stop the suffering. For more information visit




Ice It or Heat It?

By Michael Neely, DO The summer Olympics are in full swing and the world’s top athletes are competing for the gold. Most of these athletes have been training from a very young age, constantly challenging their bodies to achieve new levels of athleticism. The constant stress of training and competing placed on the body typically manifests itself in the form of soreness, swelling, and sometimes injury. Regardless of your level of athleticism, if you have ever worked out, run, or…





Did you know that research has proven that pregnant women under chiropractic care show a 50% decrease in the need for pain pills during delivery?  Did you know that this increases the overall health of the newborn child, as well as the mother?   If you know of someone who is currently pregnant, inform them of the great benefit of Chiropractic Care. For more information visit





Did you know that 1/5 of all hospital admissions are caused by side effects of drugs administered by Medical Doctors? Did you know that adverse reactions to prescriptions are responsible for 100,000 deaths – per year?  The best way to protect yourself and your family from drug reactions is to stay healthy.  Adjustments keep you healthy and away from the need for prescriptions. If your family is not yet under care, why wait?  Aren’t they worth it? For more information…




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